Smarter Spending | Did You Know That “Stuff” Isn’t Good For You?

I just finished reading Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending. I think the book makes a couple of good points, especially when it discusses using your money to buy experiences rather than things.

Did You Know That “Stuff” Isn’t Good For You? | Smarter Spending

When you look back on the highlights of your life, do you think of awesome experiences such as sharing time with friends and family or helping others? Or do you think of the expensive shoes, cars, and TV’s you’ve purchased?  Next time you’re about to make a purchase, consider these questions:

  1. Will buying this item allow me to spend more time with the people I care about?
  2. How will this purchase affect my life?
  3. Will it offer me something that I’ve always dreamed of doing?
  4. Will it allow me to have the financial freedom I yearn for or will it make me a slave to creditors?

Buy Time Instead | Smarter Spending

It’s possible to buy more time by spending money on time-saving products and services (e.g., lawn care). As a budget-savvy traveler, these additional costs can be hard to justify. However, there’s a way to rationalize them if it allows you to spend the time doing something you love or something you’ve always wanted to do.

The takeaway from the book is that it’s not how much money you have, but how you spend it that will truly determine your level of happiness. Honestly, the book was a little dull after the first few chapters, so to “Buy Your Time,” I decided to provide a clip that provides a summary of the main points of the book. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Smarter Spending | Did You Know That “Stuff” Isn’t Good For You?
  1. If i were given that money, I would put it toward my Iceland gas money fund…would maybe get me a half mile down the road to a spectacular mountain cliff!! Ha! Thanks for sharing this great idea. Gets ya thinkin’

  2. Totally agree with the fact that experiences are more important than possessions. Had never thought of using money to ‘buy time’ though, will bare that in mind with future purchases 🙂

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