Blue pill vs. Red pill – Is it Friday yet?

Take the blue pill and the hope of a RTW trip ends. You’ll wake up in your bed to the same old monotonous routine. You’ll realize taking a RTW trip is too risky. Further consideration will lead to some other conjured up lame excuse as to why it can’t be done. “But take the red pill and you’ll stay in BS traveler-land and we can show you just far the BS-ing can take you.” – Harrypheus (Morpheus’ 2nd cousin)

Ahh, excellent choice. If you’ve made it this far you must have taken the Red pill.

As we were retiring for the evening Wednesday night, Audrey exasperatedly stated, “Is it Friday yet?”

Every day we get up, head off to the daily grind, only to come home and live the same routine over and over again, until the freedom of the weekend finally comes. Are you someone working through the “Is-it-Friday-yet?” mentality? Are you rushing to get through the five-day work week? If so, consider our depressing statistic:

Most people are in a big rush to get 71% of their life over with in order to enjoy the remaining 29%. 

Is the daily grind sucking the life from you?

After speaking with fellow travelers it seems that many unearth new passions or interests during their RTW trip. We’re hoping during ours, that we bring to light some of those feelings of excitement and enthusiasm that may have been sucked out of us after living the structured life that both of our careers entail.

Our goal during and after our RTW trip is to begin rushing 29% (or less) of our life and enjoy living it 71% (or more).



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