3 Ways To Feel Less Tired From a Vaccine Injury While Traveling

Many travelers don’t realize that they have a vaccine injury until their overseas. In the travel industry alone, we’re seeing a disturbing trend among travel bloggers with vaccine-related injuries. It’s quite eery to see so many people, all complaining about the same condition. In fact, many feel so exhausted that they’re admitting themselves to hospitals while traveling abroad.

We’ve followed many of these fellow travel bloggers for years. Never once, did they complain about exhaustion. In fact, it was the opposite; they appeared to have boundless energy.

Trust the Science

It’s quite frustrating to witness countless people all complaining about the same symptoms and never identifying the cause. Clearly, they all have one thing in common—with the “I got my vaccine” profile frames.

Travel bloggers are some of the most public virtue signalers on the planet. Along with every second of their lives, given the opportunity, many will share their “worldly” opinion, which most of the time just so happens to be in tandem with the corporate media narrative.

Regardless, they were told it was safe and effective. Consequently, they “trusted the science,” and agreed to it in order to continue traveling the world. Now, many are dealing with adverse side effects, such as severe fatigue, difficulty breathing, a general sense of always feeling tired, etc.

Even though they’re all “vaccinated,” these travel bloggers are testing positive and becoming ill, many times overseas. Generally, these bloggers seemed healthy before injection. Also, they were not complaining about this in 2020 or 2021. It’s only in the last couple of months that we noticed this disturbing trend.

While the reason behind the sudden illness is obvious to us, it’s completely oblivious to them. In fact, one blogger stated that they contacted their physician to discuss their symptoms and the doctor stated, “Take it easy and slow down.” Yeah, that’s going to stop the spike proteins from replicating.

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Feel Less Tired From a Vaccine Injury

It can be so aggravating to try and recover from a vaccine injury, especially if you’re constantly tired. For example, victims may not even have the energy to sit up in bed. As a result, we wanted to know what are some simple things that bloggers (and others) can do to try and regain their energy.

Watch: Pro Mountain Bike rider Kyle Warner talks about his extreme fatigue (and other adverse effects) after receiving the COVID19 injections.

We consulted with an Energy Specialist to find out what people can do. Below are their recommendations to boost energy from a vaccine injury, and in general.*

1. Practice Holding Your Breath

When you’re exhausted, getting back to hiking in the mountains sounds impossible. Nonetheless, victims of a vaccine injury can use hormesis (using stress to build strength and resistance) to help in their recovery. Breathing techniques or breathwork are one of the easiest and fastest ways to boost energy levels.

For example, periodic hypoxia (a lack of oxygen in small increments) may deliberately stress mitochondria and encourage their growth. Begin with this technique:

  1. Start gentle
  2. Hold a couple of breaths for no more than 15 or 20 seconds
  3. Gradually increase the time

Once you’re able to hold your breath for one minute, victims should try the fire-breathing technique. While pumping the belly, breathe only through the nose for about 30 to 50 breaths.

The nice thing about breathwork is that there are tons of variations. In less than a month, many victims of vaccine injury see an increase in their energy level simply by practicing breathwork exercises.

2. Add Some Mild Exercise

Mitochondrial health is so important in rebuilding entry levels—it’s the body’s powerhouse and supplies energy to all cells. It’s pretty simple when mitochondrial are in a fragile state, people struggle and feel weak.

Similar to your muscles, mitochondrial need to be strengthened, challenged and stimulated with hormetic stress. In short, just like muscles, mitochondrial need to be exposed to intermittent bursts of stress to get stronger.

While supreme athletes may need to sprint a mile to trigger hypoxia (lack of oxygen), someone with a vaccine injury may only need to participate in mild exercise. Below are a few examples of mild exercise:

  • Sitting up while using a computer
  • Walking slowly
  • Fishing (standing or sitting)
  • Standing while doing light housework (cooking, washing dishes)
  • Playing an instrument
  • Resistance bands that fit in luggage

The best place to start is with an exercise that feels a bit challenging but not overwhelming.

3. Relax in a Sauna or Hot Tub

Relaxing in a sauna or hot tub for 15 minutes, a few times a week has been shown to correlate with increased energy levels. Also, this type of heat therapy has been shown to decrease stress and create a more overall positive mood.

Heat therapy is a relatively new phenomenon. As a result, there’s no exact amount of time the average person should sit in a sauna. However, the trend seems to be, that the longer the better.

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In fact, recent research indicates that people who sauna from four to seven days per week have increased longevity. This is true compared to others who don’t sauna or only sauna a couple of times per week. Moreover, it appears from the data that the more people use heat therapy the more benefits they get from it. Of course, only spend as much time as you can reasonably tolerate.

The Key to Feeling Less Tired

Victims of a vaccine injury will have better odds of improving their energy levels by focusing on mitochondrial health. Fortunately, there are many different methods available to increase energy and mitochondrial wellness for all people with varying degrees of health and fitness.

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