What You Need To Consider When Going On A Long Holiday: Our Practical Guide

Long-haul holidays are likely to become the norm. With people’s movements and holidays having been severely restricted over the past couple of years, it is time to make the most of traveling. There is expected to be a boom in the holiday industry of people taking up the option to travel further distances and for longer.

It won’t necessarily be miles away but there is a chance that usual one-week holidays may turn into two. This applies both to international travel as well as the increasingly popular staycations. If you are considering going on a longer holiday yourself then there are a few things you should consider before this happens.

Purchase Your Tickets ASAP

It is often the case that the earlier you book, the cheaper travel tickets are. It is often the case with airlines and train networks, so this bit of advice is definitely something to keep hold onto.

A lot of people actually wait until closer to the time because they are expecting a price drop. In actual fact, there may never be a price drop and ticket prices might fly up. Get them when they are affordable for your budget. This is what is important.

Finalize Your Plans

If you’ve booked your tickets in advance you can then plan ahead for your long-haul holiday. The longer you are going on holiday, the more plans you are likely to have.

Whilst some people may see a longer holiday as an ideal chance to relax and sit back, others see it as an opportunity to fit in far more plans than they usually would. It gives you the opportunity to visit more places. So, make sure you get your accommodation sorted for the different areas you may travel to.

Solo or a Package Deal?

The temptation for many considering a longer holiday would be to try and get a package deal. This can be for your friends and family or even a sports team. If you are going solo and like a bit of freedom then you should consider a DIY holiday. This means you are not stuck to a plan and can do pretty much what you want.

If you know where you want to go and have chosen accommodation, a solo deal might be best. A package holiday for a longer vacation on the other hand can also be worth it. Coming in at roughly the same price, it offers a bit more structure and also means everything is under control. The last thing you want is a holiday of a lifetime being ruined because you forgot to book one night’s worth of accommodation if you’re hiking in the mountains.

Make Sure You’re Covered

Picture it now. You get to the airport and suddenly there are offices swarming around you. You are denied entry through the gates. All because you don’t have the right paperwork.

This is probably the biggest danger of a longer-term holiday, so make sure you’ve got everything under control. From your lost baggage and medical insurance to your passport and VISA, it is absolutely necessary that you get the paperwork right.

You don’t want the holiday to be over before it begins with the wrong passport. You also do not want to be stranded without any medical cover or travel insurance. That can be both incredibly stressful and also devastating on your finances.  Staysure offers comprehensive travel insurance and that could be one stressful thing off your mind if you allow them to take control of that.

Passports and VISA’s are under your control. A VISA is usually only required for long holidays when you are traveling far and wide, but you still need to be prepared. Double-check and even triple-check if you feel like you need to sometimes.

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