Travel Guide: Uruguay – Episode 6

Come BS with us as we explore Uruguay. Topics include great budget savvy ways to spend your time when visiting Colonia Del Sacramento and Punta del Este. Of course, we also talk about visiting  an estancia, fancy gauchos, and Audrey getting bucked off a horse! Just two sassy, honest, and funny travelers doing their thing….

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4 thoughts on “Travel Guide: Uruguay – Episode 6
  1. Audrey and JR–I’m so sorry I’m super late on commenting on this vlog!! Somehow i missed it previously…what a great episode though. Couple comments for you: 1) i absolutely loved the horse farm story / experience 2) audrey i am super sorry you got bucked off that horse (can’t even imagine how horrifying it was!)…but i’m not gonna lie, a part of me felt super bad when the little princess was punished under the tree :O sorry! 3) i enjoyed the little cowboy dance you did audrey! may i’ll see more of that on your dancing around the world video part II?! 4) don’t you feel like some of the best adventures are the ones you don’t even plan?! love the story about the older gentlemen giving you guys free tours and how you felt it was better than if you had gotten to keep your original plans and visit the beaches 5) i giggled at the ending comments about visiting the drake passage and “puking your brains out” soon. ha ha! 6) sorry if i missed this previously…but how is it again that you guys get to all these places?? like for example, you left the mildew-y hostel early to get to another place…but how did you get there? buses?

    1. Howie, thanks for all your great feedback! Actually, in this area, we did it all by foot! Luckily, the nicer hostel was just a short walk away. Glad you enjoyed our Uruguay Vlog!

  2. Norma…I always love and look forward to your great comments and feedback! You and I had some great discussions together about crossing the Drake Passage! Although it was rough, I’m so glad I did it. I LOVED Antarctica! So much so, I think it may take the award for my favorite continent visited!

    We got a kick out of the story about the priest. Beauty awareness is very much apart of the culture and so is the Pope! He’s very much represented throughout South America, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that a priest may get a little nip and tuck!

    As always, thanks for being one of our biggest supporters. Although I don’t miss office life, I sure miss you!

  3. Hi- As always, enjoying your blog!!! Glad you didn’t get hurt from your fall. And the Drake crossing looked terrifying. Did get a laugh out of the linked beaches tour-yuck- talk about shallow people!!! I worked with a PT from Argentina years ago & she said that when she lived there, people were very “beauty” & fashion conscious (priests would even have cosmetic surgery) -you had to buy new clothes for each season and as you walked down the street, cars would drive buy and people in the cars would yell nasty things at you if they didn’t think you looked good!!!! Wonder if there were a lot of people afraid to leave their homes???? Can’t wait until your next post—Happy Thanksgiving- a few days late!!! Norma

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