For goodness sake, we got the shaky, shaky Drake!

Well, Audrey’s greatest fear came true. A Drake that made the whole ship shake. On the whole, it was a pretty typical crossing per the crew. We came prepared with patches, sea bands, and two types of high potency motion sickness pills. However, not having our sea legs quite yet, we still got quite sick and unfortunately, one barf bag had to be used. Regardless, we definitely earned bragging rights by riding the stomach-turning waves in a hurricane on the way home. The funny thing is, although it was almost 5 days of unstopped motion, we would do it all again in a heartbeat. Antarctica was amazing and truly an adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy our presentation of…THE DRAKE SHAKE.

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4 thoughts on “For goodness sake, we got the shaky, shaky Drake!
  1. Memories! I was so lucky the doctor gave me extra drugs as I had no idea where I was

  2. I think you are VERY LUCKY to see The Drake like this. They say its a case of ‘lake’ or ‘shake’. We had ‘lake’ and I was sorely disappointed. I really wanted to experience the majesty, power, beauty and strength of the Drake Passage. The rougher the better for me (I’m lucky), and the more mankind gets reminded how puny he is, the better. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. (we had similar seas round South Georgia and I couldn’t get enough of it…)

    1. Helen, it’s funny. Now that we are back on solid ground, we too are glad we got to experience the Drake in its most powerful and mighty form. I watch our video and I am glad I conquered my fear of crossing the infamous Drake Passage…and in hurricane winds no less! We would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Crossing the Drake Passage is a rite of passage, isn’t it? The reward being granted time in one of the most awe inspiring places on Earth.

      1. i’m glad to hear you conquered your fear, Audrey! how amazing just in itself!! and you make it sound so amazing that it was one of the most awe inspiring places you’ve ever seen!! can’t wait to see ALL your photos and video footage of this magical place at the end of the drake!

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