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Our Cabana

Being more independent type travelers, we opted for a few days in our own private cabana rather than staying in a hostel in Puerto Iguazu. Costs with the current blue rate were approximately $60 USD per night. The property features a pool and private patio outside your cabana. There was lots of space, a kitchen with very basic cooking supplies, and a TV with about two English speaking channels. Despite a few set backs, (see below review) at least it was nice to have our own private space with room to breathe. Rooms included daily cleaning service, with fresh towels, soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

The first few days the pool was in cleaner condition.

The Review 
It was a good alternative to a hostel. Hostels within Iguazu falls are known to be loud. The cleaning staff was really great and friendly. The kitchen was stocked with the basics. The unit had a nice veranda. However, there was many negatives. The owner tried to charge us at the blue rate which was borderline illegal. It took a couple of hours to get resolved (due to the language barrier) and it was not a good way to be introduced to the property.

The pool was dirty and should have been maintained much better considering this is the main reason people are visiting. After a few days, there was layer upon layer of bugs, skin, etc. The filters were never turned on the entire 4 days that we were there! Instead of using a lawn mower, they cut the 2 acre yard with a weed-whacker! From noon to 6 pm everyday the weed-whacker was blaring. Also, it shoots dirt, grass, and weeds into the pool. This made a stay here extremely uncomfortable. What should be a 1-2 hour weekly job, becomes a 6 hour daily job (highly annoying). Once again, the only reason for coming here is really the pool, and if you’re constantly hearing a weed-whacker it greatly takes away from the potential of the cabanas/pool. A critical error made by management/ownership. Overall, this might be better than staying in a high traffic, noisy hostel. You can decide what’s best for you!

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