The 9 Best Travel Vlogs of All Time – These Are Hysterical!

In honor of commemorating 1,000,000 views on BS Travel TV, we compiled a list of the nine best travel vlogs of all time. These are the episodes that we believe capture the true essence of our traveling adventures together.

Best Travel Vlogs of All Time

“Budget travel is not all sandy beaches, cold beers at sunset, and joyous, carefree days. Sometimes it can be tough and all you can do to get through the moment is to laugh about it.”

1. Traveling by Train Through Serbia in the Height of a Scorching Summer Is Always a Good Idea…Not!

2. After the Romania Scandal, It Was Time to Blow off a Little Steam in Ukraine.

3. We Swear It Was an Accident! Share Some Laughs With Us in a Wine Bar in Bulgaria.

4.  A Ridiculous Joke Has No Language Barrier With These Locals in Japan.

5. We Compiled the Very Best Moments of Our Trip Through Romania. This One Is Probably Our All Time Favorite.

“Travel can take you to the wildest, most secluded destinations on the planet.  Some of our greatest, most memorable experiences come from getting off the grid to what it feels like to be a true explorer.”

6. The Las Vegas of Europe

7. One of the Most Epic Adventures Any Traveler Can Experience Is an Expedition to Antarctica.

8. Real-Life Jungle Book

When we returned back to Chicago, we were surprised how the majority of people asked us about our travels through Borneo. In their minds, it was the one destination that stood out among all others. The dreamy rainforest and abundance of wildlife make this an adventure of a lifetime.

9. We Went to North Korea

Many people travel to Asia to relax on the beaches of Thailand or to enjoy the magic of Japan, however, it was Korea that gifted us one of the best travel days in our life.

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