Best Day Trips From Tallinn Estonia for Nature & Adventure Lovers

What are the best day trips from Tallinn, Estonia for nature lovers? We weren’t just saying it for the cameras, Harry and I were so ready for the Estonia portion of our Baltic tour. Whenever we saw a dreamy photo of Old Town Tallinn, Estonia we felt that inner spark of travel excitement again. Estonia just feels different than other European countries — it’s sophisticated, earthy, and insanely clean. 

Day Trips From Tallinn Estonia for Nature Lovers

Most tourists visit Estonia during a one-day stop on a cruise ship holiday. Old Town Tallinn, Estonia can be reached by foot from the port making it the most popular destination for visitors. Travelers fall in love with a fairytale town enclosed by massive medieval walls. Daytrippers can spend the day wandering the cobblestone pathways, appreciating the architecture, sipping drinks in Tallinn Town Hall Square, or enjoying local Estonian cuisine.

Top-5 Excursions in Tallinn

There are so many things to see and do in and around the city. For example, some of our favorite recommended guided excursions are listed below!

  1. 🏞️ From Tallinn: Visit Lahemaa National Park on an epic day trip
  2. 😋 Go on a 3-Hour Estonian Food Tour in Tallinn [small-group]
  3. 🚶 Visit and learn about all of the city’s famous landmarks on this 2-hour Guided Walking Tour of Tallinn
  4. 🚲 See pretty much the entire city on this 3-Hour Tallinn Bike Tour – From Tallinn Cruise Port
  5. ⚔️👸📸 For the ultimate souvenir, dress up in medieval attire and get your picture taken by a professional photographer

✈️ Need a transfer from Tallinn Airport to Tallinn’s city center? If you’re not renting a car and staying in Tallinn, book a private transfer to your hotel or vacation rental.


Estonia: Land of Forests and Fairytales | Best Day Trips From Tallinn, Estonia for Nature Lovers

Those who gift themselves extra days to tour around Estonia will find a land of natural beauty and surreal landscapes. If you’re looking to experience Estonia’s wilderness, these destinations are the best day trips from Tallinn for nature lovers. 

Lahemaa National Park 

Just one hour from Tallinn, Lahemaa is probably the best destination for a day trip from Tallinn. Lahemaa stretches along Estonia’s northern coast and features 72,000 hectares of lush forests, clear lakes, and pristine wetlands. Hikers can enjoy quiet trails under huge, swaying pine trees. Cyclists will find nicely paved roads that make traveling from village to village fun and easy. 

Consider a day trip from Tallinn to explore more of Estonia’s wilderness. | Best Day Trips From Tallinn, Estonia for Nature Lovers

The forest is home to moose, wild boar, lynx, and brown bears, although spotting wildlife is unlikely without a knowledgeable guide. Throughout the park, there are small waterfalls and giant boulders that were created during the last Ice Age. To explore Lahemaa, we opted to drive. This made it easy to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. 

Türisalu Cliff 

About a 35-minute drive from Tallinn, Türisalu Cliff probably offers Estonia’s most dramatic scenery. The rocky cliff features a 30-meter (100-foot) sheer drop into the Baltic Sea.

Jägala Waterfall 

At a height of 8 meters (26 feet), Jägala waterfall is the highest natural waterfall in Estonia. On weekends, this small park becomes a hotspot for families and friends looking for a beautiful place for a picnic, take photos, or enjoy a nature walk.

There are two ways to explore the waterfall, with one path that takes visitors to the top and another to access the bottom. In winter, the area becomes even more impressive when the Jägala River turns the waterfall into a magnificent ice display.

No matter the season, Estonia’s largest waterfall is always picturesque. | | Best Day Trips From Tallinn, Estonia for Nature Lovers

Viru Bog

Some of Estonia’s most unique and celebrated landscapes are its bogs. Viru Bog is one of the most accessible bogs in the country. The overwater boardwalk is 3.5 kilometers long, but many decide to hike the full 6-kilometer loop. Also, the trail is lined with informational signs about the flora and fauna, the geological history of the area, and the characteristics of the environment. 

The observation tower offers hikers an excellent 360° view of the bog! | | Best Day Trips From Tallinn, Estonia for Nature Lovers

About halfway, walkers will reach a 14-meter (46-foot) observation tower. From the top, you can appreciate the sweeping panoramas and marvel at the sheer size of the landscape around you. 

Walk over water across the Viru Bog. | | Best Day Trips From Tallinn, Estonia for Nature Lovers

Viru Bog was Harry’s favorite destination in Estonia. It’s about a 40-minute drive from Tallinn and is near Lahemaa National Park. Also, touring Viru Bog and Lahemaa National Park makes for a great day trip from Tallinn. 

Interested in traveling deeper into Estonia?  Consider another day trip from Tallinn to seek out a day of adventure that even James Bond would find alluring. For example, the cities of Rummu and Ämari offer travelers the chance to feel like a secret agent in some off-the-beaten-path experiences. Come see what’s behind the barbed wire, DO NOT ENTER signs, and concrete walls at the Rummu Underwater Prison.

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