Our Third Xmas With COVID & Far Too Many People Are Still Asleep

As we reflect on our time in Alabama and Florida, we can’t help but notice how many people are still asleep, especially in Illinois. Visiting a supermarket in the Chicagoland area during Xmas is like watching a flock of subservient sheep being led to the slaughterhouse on a conveyor belt―pulling their face masks high above their noses, right before the slaughterer slits their throat one by one.

Dear Illinoisians, are you planning on wearing face masks for eternity? Is there a specific number of ‘booster’ shots that you’re willing to take before you think, “Jeez, something doesn’t seem right here?” Is it four, 12, or 56? Are you going to take a booster every month or day for the rest of your life?

The mainstream media is trying to create a “new normal.”

Just a few states away in Alabama and Florida, and even next door, life resembles normalcy. For the most part, no one wears a face mask—except for the slave labor working for big-box corporations. They must, or they will be banished from society with no way to feed their families.

Long-Term Side Effects of Face Masks

We truly feel sorry for anyone who has to wear a face mask all day long. The long-term side effects of wearing face masks include:

  • Promotion of facial alkalinization
  • Increased dehydration, enhancing bacterial infection
  • Increased sweating, headaches, and social isolation
  • Decreased cognitive precision

However, the worst part about wearing a face mask is the message that’s being communicated to everyone else around you. Essentially, face masks relay to others that you’re scared and, more importantly, that there’s something wrong.

Congratulations! This is the first time in human history where the elite care about the health of the poor.

Face masks are the visual symbol prolonging this nonsense. As long as people continue to wear them, the ‘pandemic’ will carry on. It may not seem meaningful to ditch the mask (when just about everyone around you is wearing one) but it must be done to end the madness. It may take a bit of courage to abandon the mask but the feeling of freedom that goes along with defiance is well worth it.

With each passing day, we’re getting much closer to 50% of the population being fully awake.

Many Are Still Asleep

There are plenty of people that are still traveling or planning on traveling internationally. They can be broken down into four groups, including those who:

  1. See what’s coming and want to travel as much as possible before the entire world’s locked down.
  2. Believe things will get less restrictive.
  3. Trust the government and will do literally anything to travel, essentially a government shill.
  4. Live in La La Land.

In terms of groups one and two, we respect them and have walked in their shoes. For example, we’ve squeezed as much luck out of the current situation as possible, by traveling as long as we could.

We never wanted to put ourselves in a troublesome predicament, leading to a situation that we would later regret. As of now, we genuinely feel that we’ve left no juice in the lemon.

Also, hope is a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with hoping things will get better, even if you know that most likely it will not. For instance, countless Holocaust survivor stories are claiming that hope was the only thing that kept them alive during the toughest of times.

Government Shills

It’s fair to say that we have the least respect for group number three. These are the people that go through life following orders like robots or NPCs. Most likely, these people have never had an original thought—they simply repeat what they’ve read or watched through the mainstream media.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Overall, these are the people that trust their government and believe that their “elected” officials have their best interests in mind. They will take an endless number of ‘boosters’ without hesitation. Many of these people completely ignore the fact that the majority of politicians have sold the US down the river, surreptitiously betraying their constituents.

Group three believes that they will be granted “good behavior” as a reward for doing anything that their puppet masters demand of them.

Also, it’s important to realize that many of the people that fall into this group are the ones who are the most fearful of getting victimized or hoodwinked. Funny enough, that’s exactly what happens to them when they put their entire trust into a few highly organized government-controlled media and big pharma platforms.

Living in La La Land

Simply put, group four has no idea what’s going on—they go to work, play with their kids, watch sports, maybe read a bit of news here and there. Many of them still believe the tyrannical steps taken by the government are to protect them from a virus. It’s joylessly funny to watch them—they still think this is all about a virus.

Group four is similar to the character Cypher in the movie the Matrix. For whatever reason, they hate the idea of dealing with reality and would most likely detest being red-pilled.

Like Cypher, group four prefers living in the Matrix—they don’t want to deal with the ramifications of the real world. Many would likely become extremely overwhelmed with life if they took the time to realize what was going on around them.

In short, many people are still asleep at the wheel throughout all four groups. Also, groups three and four contain the highest percentage of people asleep. For this reason, there’s still a lot of red-pilling to do before society resembles any aspect of normalcy.

Final Thoughts

If you get anything out of this special Christmas article, we hope that it’s the importance of taking off the face mask. As previously mentioned, the face mask is the visual cue that something’s wrong. The only way to end the absurdity is to take it off.

“My people have been lost sheep; their shepherds have led them astray and caused them to roam on the mountains. They wandered over mountain and hill and forgot their own resting place. – Jeremiah 50:6

If you can’t find the courage to remove it, try lowering it below your chin. If that doesn’t work, put it below your lips. Finally, if all else fails, lower it below your nose. You must find a little courage in order to display some level of resistance.

Face Masks Impact on the Planet

Billions of face masks have been produced since the ‘pandemic’ started. Have you ever wondered what the impact on the planet will be? Below is an excerpt from a recent Joe Rogan podcast.

Rogan delivered the offhand remark after learning that the face masks, which are still mandated in several areas across the US take longer to biodegrade in landfills than a styrofoam cup.

Rogan’s guest, surfer Shane Dorian began. “A styrofoam cup takes 50 years to biodegrade. How long do you think a mask takes?”

Rogan thought for a second before guessing, “A hundred-fifty.”

“Four hundred-fifty,” Dorian countered, prompting Rogan to throw his head back and exclaim, “Oh, my God.”

Not going to lie. Morale’s a bit low this Xmas season.

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