Inspiring You to Travel with GPSmyCity’s FREE Giveaway!

It’s amazing how much technology has made exploring so much easier for travelers. Back in the day, in order to make the most out of sightseeing, folks would have to lug around heavy guidebooks or pay a local guide to bring to life the city around you.

Using City Walks is a great budget savvy travel tip!

As we have toured around Europe, one of our favorite travel companions has been GPSmyCity. Available for both Android and iOS devices, this travel app allows travelers to experience informative guided walks through 470+ world cities. It doesn’t need wifi and still can provide turn by turn walking directions.

Each one of the city apps contains the ability to generate a self-guided walking tour, allowing visitors to explore on foot the best sites at their own pace.

Did you know that in front of the famous Norte Dame Cathedral in Paris lies the Point Zero marker? Many visitors walk right over it without realizing it’s significance. We learned that the small octagonal brass plate set in the ground is considered the official center of Paris and, as mentioned, it marks the exact spot from which all distances throughout France are measured (in relation to Paris). A cool travel oddity that we would have never discovered without our Paris City Walks app!

GPSmyCity has been a great resource to learn more about where we are and what we are actually looking at in these beautiful cities! And because we swear by this app, we are partnering with GPSmyCity to offer you the opportunity to get this amazing travel app FOR FREE! (One city typically costs $4.99.)

We have 20 free promotion codes to download one of the City Walks Apps published by You can choose from any of the available 470+ cities in the world.

We hope that our passion for travel inspires you to see more of the world! So where do you want to visit next? Simply tell us in the comment section below for your chance to win one of the 20 FREE promo codes for a GPS Self-Guided walk app in the city of your choice!

Not traveling soon? Explore your hometown using the app and find hidden treasures just outside your own front door.


✈️ The promo codes can be used on both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.

✈️ This contest is open until April 27, 2016. Any entries after this date will not be accepted.

✈️ The FREE promo code for the winners of the City Walks App Giveaway will be sent to you by email after April 27, 2016.

✈️ Please note that each promo code is tied to a city. Once a promo code is issued, it will expire in 28 days if it is not used by then. Once downloaded, the City Walks app does not expire.

✈️ Promo codes will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis! Remember we only have 20 to distribute so comment below now!

✈️ Don’t forget to use a valid email address when commenting as you will receive the promo code via the email address used in the comment.

✈️ For a list of cities that are covered, visit!


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12 thoughts on “Inspiring You to Travel with GPSmyCity’s FREE Giveaway!
  1. I have been using the GPSmyCity app for the past 4 years now. The upgraded versions have been tremendous help for me, thanks so much!

    The next city I would like to visit is Reykjavik, as it has been my dream to see the Northern Lights.

  2. hi Audrey,

    i’ve been searching anywhere for the promo code.
    i’ll be visiting turkey in next 2 weeks and spend most of my time in Istanbul.
    i already have the free version of Istanbul in GPSmyCity.
    but i’m craving for the full version to help me during my stay.

    eventhough the time has passed, do you still have the promo code for Istanbul? will be very happy if i can have one.


    1. Hi Zaki,

      The promo codes for each city come directly from GPSmyCity. I’m sorry but the giveaway is now complete. You can still find the app for City Walks Istanbul in the App Store though. Safe travels to you.

  3. Thanks for the follow on twitter, thought I’d take a look here and will definitely be reading lots more, can see we’ve done lots of the same places. If there’s any left, would love a guide for New York or Toronto, heading there for the first time this summer.

    1. Yes of course! I’ll be happy to send you the promo code so you can keep on, traveling on! Seriously these are great apps! I’ll contact you privately for details. Thanks Suzie! 🙂

    1. Hello Norma! You have been awarded the Chicago City Walks app for FREE care of the Budget Savvy Travelers (and of course, for being such a good friend!) I’ll email you the promo code after April 27th! Thanks for stopping by and for being a great follower!

  4. I am going to Los Angelos to visit my daughter the end of May/beginning of June. This would be great to have

    1. Great Peggy! The free App is yours. We’ll be in touch with the promo code after April 27th! You’re the first one to sign up. Only 19 more left! Thanks for stopping by! *Android

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