How To Find Cheap Parking Near Wrigley Field

For many fans, watching the Cubs play baseball in Chicago is a euphoric experience. However, trying to find cheap parking near Wrigley Field on the other hand can be stressful. Luckily, with technology, there are a few ways to make the process completely hassle-free.

Back in the day, fans could simply drive to Wrigley Field and circle the stadium a few times to find parking suitable for their budget. Many locals, like ourselves, remember when our dads would simply keep cruising through the neighborhood until he found the perfect spot.

While it wasn’t the most efficient method it also wasn’t overly stressful because there were always enough spots. Nowadays, it’s a bit more challenging because there’s additional congestion and many people are reserving spots ahead of time using apps such as Spot Hero, which is recommended by the Chicago Cubs. 👇

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There are more people and congestion around Wrigley Field than ever. Trying to find a cheap parking spot without guidance can be a huge burden to bear.

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How to Find Cheap Parking Near Wrigley Field

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks is a familiar proverb that means it can be challenging for older people to learn new ways of doing things. Sure, you could drive to the North Side and try to find cheap parking near Wrigley Field by scouring the neighborhood and hoping to find a budget-friendly and secure parking spot, but good luck.

From our experience, it’s so much easier to simply reserve a spot on Spot Hero. Here are a few benefits of using the app:

  • Cheap parking near Wrigley Field is easy to find with some spots costing only a couple of dollars an hour.
  • You know exactly where you’re going to park, making it easier for you to manage your time.
  • If you are looking for peace of mind it’s easy to find secure parking.
  • Spots come with user reviews so you can verify and find comfort in paying for a reputable parking spot.

Spots reserved on Spot Hero come in many shapes and colors. For example, the parking spot may be a resident’s private spot, it may be a spot associated with a business, a hotel, or even a parking garage. Here are the steps to find cheap parking near Wrigley Field:

  1. Visit the Spot Hero website or app.
  2. Search for the location you’d to find parking.
  3. Be sure to filter the results to your needs.
  4. Sort the results from cheapest to most expensive.
  5. Reserve the perfect parking spot.
Spot Hero Filters

When using Spot Hero, be sure to filter the available spots to fit your preferences. For example, if you would like your vehicle to be covered, choose the “Garage-Covered” option. Here are the filters currently on hand:

  • Valet
  • Lot – Uncovered
  • Self Park
  • Touchless
  • In & Out Allowed
  • On-Site Staff
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Garage – Covered
  • Heated

Of course, when searching for a spot you can also sort the list from cheapest to most expensive. This is one of the best ways to find cheap parking near Wrigley Field.

Street Parking

Parking on the street and simply paying a meter (or even getting it free) used to be one of the best ways to find cheap parking near Wrigley Field, but not anymore. Unfortunately, crime has increased quite dramatically around the stadium. In other words, you’re taking a huge risk by parking your car on the street.

If you don’t reserve a parking spot in advance prepare for narrow streets and alleys, one-way roads, and overpaying.

Whether it’s criminals breaking in, stealing cars, or partygoers and rioters jumping on vehicles, do you want your wheels to be caught up in the middle of all of this? We sure as heck don’t.

We recommend that you find a parking spot in a secure location, just off the main roads. This way, you’ll have a safe route to and from Wrigley Field.

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Getting Towed

Tow companies like Lincoln Towing, also known as the “Lincoln Park Pirates” are known for towing cars for no reason. Moreover, these towing companies are super aggressive and there’s virtually no way to dispute the process. If you do decide to park on the street, be sure to check if you need Residential Parking Permit 383 before parking. Once again, avoid the hassle and simply reserve a spot online.

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