How to Easily Colorize Black and White Photos Using AI

We all have those black and white photos that we love. Whether they are of family members or places, colors simply add vibrancy to vintage images. If you want to colorize black and white photos—bringing them to life—there is a new AI software program that can easily colorize your old photos.

There are two software programs that we can recommend. If you’re serious in your pursuit then you should go with either Photoshop which sells for about $20 or Pixbim ColorSurprise AI which costs about $40.

Photoshop is quite a bit more affordable and offers a ton of features besides colorization. Unlike Photoshop, Pixbim requires no color fill layers, layer masks, or different blend modes.

These colorization processes have to be completed manually and take more than 30 minutes per capture. Instead, the Pixbim AI software will do everything on its own intelligently within a few seconds, which is nice.

Above photo colored using Pixbim ColorSurprise AI

Pixbim ColorSurprise AI 

Pixbim AI tool is a software that automatically colorizes black and white pictures. Trained on millions of images, the software is based on advanced artificial intelligence to detect living and non-living objects and colorizes them accordingly.

The software is incredibly easy to use with only 3 steps, which is great for people who are not tech specialists and want an easy way to colorize pictures. Moreover, it only takes a few seconds to colorize a photo. 

How to Colorize Photos Automatically With Pixbim  ColorSurprise AI?

First, install the software from the Pixbim site if you don’t already have it installed on your system. The software allows you to install the program and offers a free trial for six days. After the trial period, users cannot save the colored image even though they can see the colored image. 

Now, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the application, go to File and select Open or simply load an image by click on the load image tab. Now select the image from the PC.
  • It will automatically generate a preview for you and show both variants side by side.
  • Here you have the option to select the color factor. When you select low, which is the default, the preview will be generated within a minute with decent colors. If you choose high, then images will take 2 to 3 minutes to generate a preview and provide a high-quality colored image.
  • Now, click on the “Start Process Full Image and Save” button. It will start generating a colored version of the picture. The process status will be shown in the process bar above the image, and the colored picture will be saved to your computer within a few minutes. 

Note, this software does not color your original photo but generates a brand new photo with colors. It is something you don’t find in many online photo coloring tools.

Above photo colored using Pixbim ColorSurprise AI

Pros and Cons

There are a few positives and negatives to this black and white colorization software.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • There’s an option to change the AI-generated colored photo to a color of your choice by using the Advanced option in the top menu bar.
  • Automatically colorizes a photo within a few seconds.
  • There is a one-time fee with no monthly subscription charges.
  • No image uploading anywhere and no storing on servers. This makes you the sole owner of the input and output images, solving any privacy issues.


  • You can’t upload an image from an online link. 
  • The software runs only on a laptop or PC. 
An easy way to add color to old or vintage photos.

Easy Colorization Software

Pixbim ColorSurprise AI is an easy tool for colorizing black and white photos. This program adds realistic, vibrant colors to travel photos or vintage family photos, which is the main reason people seek out the colorization process. The best part is that there are no monthly subscription fees. You pay $39.99 once and the incredible software is yours to use for life. 

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