Dear Banker, Thank you for sponsoring our RTW trip. Cheers! – The B$ Travelers

We’ve officially booked the 1st leg of our RTW tip to…drum roll please…Buenos Aires!

The best part. We’re only paying $7.50 for two 1 way tickets from Chicago. The United MileagePlus Explorer card we opened up just a few weeks ago is already paying huge dividends. We used 30,000 miles (each) to fly from O’hare to Buenos Aires. This means we still have 50,000 bonus miles remaining to use on other flights.

I honestly feel slightly better about having my home severely underwater for the last few years. If you haven’t tried opening credit cards and receiving the bonus miles I highly suggest that you do.  You’re missing out a great opportunity to travel for essentially a few dollars.  The picture to the right is the actual tickets we booked with United showing the cost of $7.50.

Next step, figure out how Mr. Banker will sponsor my apartment in Buenos Aires…to be continued

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