Take This Fake Wedding Band on Your Next Vacation

For your next vacation, take this fake wedding band with you and leave your original at home. Whether you’re worried about losing your authentic band or you’re simply trying to avoid unwelcome and/or unnecessary attention, bringing a phony ring will allow you to relax and enjoy your vacation, which is what it’s all about.

Here’s Why You Should Purchase a Fake Wedding Band

After 40 days of fast-paced backpacking around the Baltics, we were finally back in Croatia. We were sitting together at the kitchen table catching up on our blog when I glanced down at Harry’s hand and noticed his empty finger. 

Audrey: “Honey, where’s your wedding ring?” 

Harry: “I don’t know. Maybe next to the bed?”

Harry’s new fake wedding band!

My heart sank. When something of ours is misplaced, my mind automatically goes into some frantic, hyper-speed rewind to mentally locate where the item is.

Normally, I’ll know just where to find it. Unfortunately in the case of Harry’s ring, this time my backtracking came up empty. 

In the past 24 hours, we stayed in two apartments and passed through three airport security in three different countries. I began frantically ripping through everything in our apartment and searched the same few bags over and over.

Deep down I already knew Harry’s wedding ring was lost somewhere in the world. No worries. We left both of our genuine wedding rings in a safe back home.

Before Our Trip, We Bought Two Fake Wedding Bands

For our trip, we bought two cute but cheap fake wedding bands. After more than three years of non-stop travel, this was one of the rings we lost. For the next ring, we decided to get something a bit more tasteful.

Tip: For travelers with a bit of disposable income, a fake wedding band, like the ones listed below makes for great gifts/souvenirs to remember the trip by.

Harry’s fake wedding band came in a really cool custom-designed, hand-made birch box.

As minimalist backpackers, we don’t own many possessions but losing Harry’s ring hurt. We always wore our matching rings as a symbolic way of showing that we were conquering this worldwide adventure together. 

However, my sadness turned to excitement when I discovered Manly Bands, a producer of high-quality unique rings. Gone are the days when only women desire a special piece of jewelry to commemorate life’s milestones. Today, both men and women want a ring that fits their lifestyle, personality, and character.

How Manly Bands Saved the Day

Before we were married, Harry surprised me with the most beautiful engagement ring. Naturally, he also picked out his wedding ring too.

Now with the mishap of his lost ring, I had the opportunity to do something meaningful for my husband. I could select the perfect ring – for him. Also, I could pick out a ring for myself as they have woman’s rings too.

We both love the look and quality of his new ring.

Manly Bands offers unique rings and a variety of styles that play into each man’s personality. For example, there are rings for the bold, the earthy, the creative, the outdoorsman, the rocker, the businessman, and the surfer, just to name a few. 


Harry loves the feel of his fake wedding band more than his real one which cost 10x as much.

After taking time to look at all the unique ring collections, I chose The Hunter band for Harry. He is a lover of the outdoors and mountains.

He likes all things rugged and wooden. I was drawn to the rustic look of this ring comprised of deer antler and koa wood.

We really love the look of Manly Band’s affordable rings, and Harry says it’s supremely comfortable.

Manly Bands Testimonial and Product Unboxing

I was so excited about Harry’s Manly Band ring that we decided to do a product unboxing. Watch as we open the box and listen to our very first impressions of our new Manly Bands ring. 

Manly Bands was the answer to finding the perfect fake wedding band for Harry that he can wear with pride and confidence.

When we first opened the box, we appreciated how the ring was presented. A velvet bag is included with each Manly Band purchase.

There’s also the opportunity to order their Manly Birch Box from the website. The thoughtful touch of a handmade ring box adds a lovely touch upon revealing.

Immediately we noticed the fine craftsmanship of the ring, made from titanium with a fine shiny finish. With this particular ring, you have the option of customizing how deep you want the antler color to be: light, medium, or dark.

Harry’s The Hunter ring has a medium antler color. Overall, Harry loves his Manly Bands ring (The Hunter). I can tell how he keeps holding up his finger as if he was a giddy, newly engaged, bride-to-be!

This is The Hunter ring. Harry loves it!

Don’t Forget to Check Out the Founder’s Line

They even have premium rings made up of high-quality materials like solid gold and alternative metals such as black zirconium and cobalt chrome. All of the premium rings are made in the USA. They are made to order, so they may take about 4-5 weeks to complete, depending on the materials included.

Prices will range anywhere from $300-$4,000. If money was no object, I think Harry would go for “The Showdown” ring. It’s made of genuine Gibeon meteorite and genuine black dinosaur bone inlays.

The Elvis ring was a premium ring at one time but is no longer available. It’s made of 14K solid Rose Gold with a 6mm inlay of Damascus Steel, and an Acid Wash finish. Pretty cool!

Budget Tip: Be sure to check out the woman’s wedding bands too!

Harry’s showing off his new ring on the beach!

Other Reasons Why You’ll Love Your New Ring

In addition to the numerous style of unique rings available, Manly Bands has many other reasons to shop their online store, such as:

  • Free U.S. shipping on orders over $75
  • One year warranty
  • Budget-friendly prices for finely crafted jewelry
  • Financing options if needed
  • International shipping available
  • 30-day exchange or return policy

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