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Best Canyoning Trip in Croatia – It’s Cooler in the Canyon

Canyoning is a great way to explore the more rugged, natural side of Croatia. After a few days relaxing on the beach, consider canyoning on the Cetina River. We’ve experienced many great outdoor adventures while living in Split, but this one was probably the most memorable. Get ready! We’re about to share with you one our most memorable days we’ve ever had exploring Croatia.

The Cetina Canyon is the ultimate location for an adventure in Croatia. The river is clear and clean, perfect for swimming. The rocky, sheer cliffs of the canyon provide a dramatic backdrop for a great day of adventure. During our tour, we felt invigorated and challenged.

What to Expect

Participants will spend the day navigating down the river by climbing, swimming, and crawling over rocks and boulders. There are several opportunities for rock jumping, but none of them are mandatory. A certain degree of physical fitness is necessary to enjoy the day. The higher the water level the easier, and less physically demanding the route will be.

Wearing the Croatian flag with pride!

Canyoning vs. Extreme Canyoning

There are two types of tours – canyoning and extreme canyoning. We participated in the extreme canyoning tour. The only difference between the two tours is that the extreme canyoning includes repelling. On the extreme tour, there are two repels, one is about 175 feet and the other is about 60 feet. The guides talk you through the entire process, and half of the 175 foot repel is really more of a controlled lowering down the rockface.

We actually had no idea we signed up for the “extreme edition” of the tour until we were being strapped into our gear. If someone would have told us in the morning that later in the day we’d be hanging off a 200 foot cliff, we’d probably never left the house! However, we did it! The hardest aspect of the descent is working up the nerve to initially position yourself and lean over the edge.

Unforgettable adventure in a breathtaking landscape.

What to Bring

During the tour, participants are climbing over rocks, swimming, rock jumping, and repelling. Phones and cameras are not appropriate for the tour. Only durable, waterproof cameras will work, such as a Go Pro. If you have mounts or straps, this is a good time to use them.

Canyoning shoes are available for rent. The website says there are shoes that you can borrow at no charge, but do not rely on this. There are only a few, mix-matched gym shoes available and most of them were for children. Bring money for the shoe rental (5€).

Bring a snack and bottled water for after your tour. You’ll be extremely thirsty and hungry by the time the tour is complete.

We encourage you to go beyond the beaches to discover the beauty and adventure that’s found in Croatia’s mountainous interior.
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  1. Is there are a better season than others to do this? Loved watching your vlog of this tour! Looks so bad ass!

    1. No, probably not. I think they go out everyday from April thru
      October. You wear a wetsuit so you’ll stay warm, but the water feels great after all that hiking and climbing!

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