Audrey persuades Harry to dance as they travel the world

On September 24, 2014, The BS Travelers arrived at O’Hare International Airport ready to begin the journey of a lifetime. From that very moment, they began production of this video as a fun way to document all the amazing places that they traveled to on their backpacking trip. As the title suggests, Audrey really did have to persuade Harry to stick with it. But with Audrey’s love for dance, and Harry’s love for Audrey, together they created this epic couples dancing video. Watch as they busta move on their round-the-world backpacking trip and please stay tuned for Part 2.



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14 thoughts on “Audrey persuades Harry to dance as they travel the world
  1. Hey, two idiots abroad, enjoy your newfound fame, surely it won’t last, unless you act like horses asses… thanks for your visit, please do not come back.I live in Dublin, this town is a normal town, with bad sides and good, but you won’t summarise it like full of junkies, fat ugly people and buried in litter, because there’s more to it you see…

    1. Sounds like we need to keep acting like horses asses. Check! Thanks for advice. You won’t be getting any royalties though.

  2. Have you thought about submitting to producers of the “Ellen” show. They always have spots on dancing situations. Might be a good fit. It was Fee’s idea.

  3. That is so awesome! Glad you are enjoying life the way it was meant to be enjoyed! Oh got to go, i have a meeting. LOL

  4. This is so amazing! No way I could convince my husband to do that. Thanks for sharing. Keep that beat going!

  5. Oh I love love love so much!!! Fun to watch Harry but I was mesmerized by you Audrey! You learn all those moves in Zumba???!!! Were you the choreographer? Too fun 😀

    1. Yes, Laura! Zumba inspired our moves. I often thought up the choreography, but it was definitely was a husband-wife team effort! Thanks for your love and support!

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