Are You a Flawed Blogger? Eye-Opening Reasons Your Blog Is Doomed To Fail

When your blog isn’t making the progress you would like, it leads to all kinds of doubts. You’re wondering why your readership isn’t growing, why those third-party collabs aren’t calling and why your content isn’t grabbing people’s attention like you hoped it would. In truth, what you should really be asking yourself is: are you a flawed blogger, and are you really taking your blogging career seriously?

Did you know that around 80% of all blogs fail within their first 18 months? It’s a staggering statistic, and while most blogs start life as a light bulb moment and with a spark of excitement, it doesn’t take much for those flashes of creativity to fizzle out into nothing.

Understanding why most blogs are doomed to fail and highlighting the bad habits that you may have established over the past few months will help you re-valuate your approach to blogging and help transform your blog into the lucrative and inspiring vocation you hoped it would be.

Read on to find out if you’re a flawed blogger and why most blogs are doomed to fail.

Poor Digital Asset Management

As a blogger, your digital assets are your biggest resource. They’re an accumulation of all the files that bring value to your online presence and what gives your blog its identity.

Failing to have full control over these digital assets is the equivalent of swimming against a rising tide of competitors in your already saturated field. It’s a common flaw that many bloggers don’t realize they’re struggling with until they’ve introduced and their DAM software application.

With DAM, all your digital assets are stored in one easy to manage space, which makes finding the files you need, simple and fast. Google-style search capabilities mean you can find what you need within seconds, and the most recently edited files are the first versions you’ll see on your user-friendly interface. Uploading your content across all your platforms is quick and straightforward ensuring brand consistency across your chosen media.

You’re in the Wrong Niche

Why did you choose your niche? If you chose it based on how lucrative it is, then your blog is already in trouble. Choosing the wrong subject for the wrong reasons will stall your blogging career. If you’re simply rehashing old content you’ve seen online to “fake it”, then this will not only play havoc with your SEO, but your readership will see right through you.

You’re Treating it Like a Hobby

If you want your blog to be successful, you need to blog with a business mind. If you’re blogging as a hobby, then you’re not taking it seriously enough. It should be your second job until it becomes your main source of income! Moving away from “hobby blogging” means taking the promotion of your blog seriously, working on your SEO and driving traffic to your blog, and placing any money you do make from your blog, back into your business.

Final thoughts…

Don’t let your blog become just another statistic. Acknowledge the points above and start blogging with the right mindset!

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