A Nickel & A Dime – It’s Mugshot Time

Harry knew exactly what he was doing when he assigned me the administrative role, it’s a lot of work! Between the visas and the passport renewals, I’m ready to scream. It takes a lot of time and money to make sure we have all the documentation ready for our RTW trip.

Since we couldn’t change the price for our passport renewal or the visas, it was time to activate the Budget $avviness to save us some money. Here’s what we did:

When researching costs of passport and visa photos, I quickly discovered that many stores charge quite a bit for the pictures, For example, Walgreen’s and CVS charges $11.99 for two photos. Costco was quoted online at $4.99 for four photos. Some might want to pay for the convenience factor, but we feel that a buck in our pocket is better than a buck in someone else’s!

We went to epassportphoto.com. It offers a FREE service that allows you to upload your pictures into the program and print them out yourself. We don’t own a printer (because of our budget savviness), so instead we had epassportphoto.com run our images through their online program. Next, it is formatted into four, 2X2 photos great for any passport or visa form. We saved the image, uploaded it into a photo sharing site (we used snapfish.com and made sure to use a 4X6 photo size), and then sent it to our local Walgreen’s for pick up. For 4 images each (on two 4X6 photos) we paid .40 total!

Feels great to save that $!

I like that the company also allows users to upload the photos to their Facebook page so an advisor can verify that they are acceptable for passport use.

Hearing that it’s a good idea to bring some photos along with you when you leave for your trip. You never know when you may make an unexpected change in your itinerary on a RTW trip! So we will be using this same process to order additional photos before we leave.

While coming across this post who else thought that Harry’s mug shot looked similar to Jason Bourne’s passport photo from Bourne Identity?

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