5 Uncommon but Affordable Getaways for the Fall and Winter

As we approach the end of the year, you can make great memories by planning affordable getaways to relax your mind and enjoy the beauty of the earth. The start of the cold seasons of the year shouldn’t deter you from exploring the outdoors.

This is especially true for senior citizens. It’s now more important than ever that seniors reap the benefits of being outdoors. For example, those residing those in independent senior living communities as it helps keep their mind and body active. Luckily, there are many affordable getaways that you can plan.

Here are five uncommon but affordable getaways for the fall and winter seasons:

1.  Niagara Falls, New York

These falls make one of the perfect destinations to visit, especially before experiencing intense cool temperatures in the fall season. The first days into the fall season make an ideal time. Once you’re there, you will experience the adrenaline rush caused by the massive rushing waters. Every second of watching the flow of the extensive falls is worth it.

For a more up-close look, take a boat tour, and don’t forget to dress warmly due to the winds and more so as you approach the splash zone. After you’ve enjoyed your boat tour, you can proceed to enjoy the surroundings of Niagara like the Butterfly Conservatory or visit Marineland Canada amusement park, Bird Kingdom, and many more. There’s a lot of things to explore in Niagara, and you can’t exhaust them all in one trip.

2.  Mohonk Preserve, New York

For those afraid of the cold, especially in the winter season, then Mohonk Preserve will offer the perfect getaway for you. If you love hiking, then do a small hike to the Skytower to enjoy the view even more.

Don’t also miss a nice horseback ride within the beautiful trails in the area. You can also experience a delightful boat tour in Mohonk lake, and you can choose the paddle boats to make it even more enjoyable.

Later on, you can enjoy your evening at this four-season Mohonk Mountain House, which has fantastic walkways and views. If you want an indoor hangout, you can enjoy their beautiful spa as well and sit at the balcony to enjoy the breeze and view even more.

3.  Miami, Florida

Most people like traveling to the beach during the warm seasons. However, if you want to have a better experience and enjoy your privacy more, the cold seasons make the perfect time to visit these places at a more affordable rate. First, you get to enjoy the warm breeze of the ocean, and also, you will get to enjoy more of the cultural experience in the city.

Later on, you can go to the Faena Museum that’s near the beach and get to enjoy the monumental architecture that’s in it. Move on to El Mago de las Fritas and enjoy some of the best delicacies at very affordable rates.

4.  New Orleans, Louisiana

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic preventing notable events like the jazz festival, New Orleans is an example of the places you can visit any time. Again, most people still prefer touring in the warmer seasons, but the off-peak seasons work just perfectly if you need a better and much affordable getaway.

If you enjoy music, you can enjoy some of the best live music on Bourbon Street. Also, you can enjoy some culture from the Louisiana State Museum and later on take a boat cruise at the Steamboat Natchez. Additionally, this town has the Audubon zoo, where you can enjoy some of the most fantastic creatures on earth like giraffes, alligators, and elephants.

5.  Salem, Massachusetts

Salem would be the best place to visit if you want to enjoy some of the best road trips in the fall season. Instead of using the usual highway, use the train and enjoy a one-hour train ride from Boston. Once you arrive in the small city from the train station, go to the Salem Witch Museum and enjoy the piece of history inside there, especially about the witchcraft events.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from exploring the world’s beauty. There are many remarkable places to visit and many things to experience to make the cold seasons memorable.

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