You May Get Lost But You’ll Never Get Stuck

At least not in Audrey’s Jeep.

Review and Install Jeep Locking Cen...
Review and Install Jeep Locking Center Console from Rampage || Jeep Mods E05

It comes with bittersweetness that I announce that Audrey has listed her Jeep for sale. If interested you can view it on AutoTrader. We’re willing to autograph the seats (for a small one-time fee + royalty). If you’re not looking to buy a car at this time we’re also willing to drive you around your neighborhood for $5 per day.

We’ll pretend we’re your chauffeur and you can go around throwing change at the kids hangin’ out on your turf.

UPDATE!  After only a few weeks, the Jeep has been sold. It is now off to new trails. The loss was softened by the fact that a father was purchasing it for his son, who had recently graduated with good grades and worked hard to save half for the car. One car down…one to go!

“My Precious”

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