Travel Guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Episode 3

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Bonaventura Trips Explores the Tigre Delta - Presented by The BS Travelers - Relaxed

Come BS with us as we continue to explore Buenos Aires, where we talk tango, celeb spotting, and living the B.A. lifestyle! Cozy up with a glass of wine or enjoy some travel talk on your lunch break. We’re bringing you some great video footage, a new theme song, and best of all lots of laughs!

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3 thoughts on “Travel Guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Episode 3
  1. Another great episode!! What i most enjoyed about the tango dancing were the expressions on both your faces…and maybe moreso the constant “serious” look on JR’s face! Ha! Priceless, you two. Thanks for capturing that moment. Also I thought interesting the comments about BA people drinking and going to work…not to bring this back to me, but when my husband and i visited Venice, we were surprised at all the people grabbing drinks on their lunch breaks, then going back to work!!! I guess we’ve got it all wrong in the states??!!! :O So interesting. Thanks again for the great information and humor along the way (p.s. Audrey–i noticed the whole second half of the video you really were clasping onto that grocery discount card pretty hard….he he he)

  2. You’re making lots of people jealous! (Including my daughter, Emily, who still hasn’t “gotten over” BA after her summer semester there a little more than a year ago!) BTW, loved the amazing guitarists….what fun! Tony & I literally stumbled on the racetrack in Palermo on our last day and had fun watching a few races and the horses in stalls–all for free! Maybe you’ll get there on a dry day? As I recall there was very cheap popcorn at the concession stand.

    1. Nancy, thanks for the great tip! We actually drove past the racetrack yesterday on an excursion so we know exactly what you’re talking about! Please know, our intentions are never to make anyone jealous, but to illustrate to folks that if we could pull this off…so could they! Thanks for being such a great supporter of the B$ Travelers. We appreciate it!

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