One Week In – Free Bird

This is what winning the lottery must feel like. You feel like you don’t deserve the winnings, but maybe a part of you (deep down) thinks, ‘well I DID buy the ticket.’

Harry and I are a week into our round-the-world trip. Every day I wake up and can’t believe this is our life.

We’ve been slowly easing into our routine here in Buenos Aires. We’re getting used to the constant sounds of big city life. At night we wear ear plugs to drown out barking dogs and loud neighborhood weekend parties.

We live like locals, eating dinner at midnight and probably drinking way too much red wine. We are forgetting what it was like to have a car as we walk miles just to get the little odds and ends that we want. A few minor inconveniences, but you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing.

We’ve been in touch with a few close friends and family, and I have to say conversations seem a bit unrelatable right now. Work stress, cube-life, and living like a corporate, workaholic zombie is so far away from our current reality.

I can’t even believe that people are required to sit staring at a computer screen or remain inside a building all day. No wonder people are generally unhappy, unfulfilled, and depressed. It’s almost not fair to have to be forced to spend your days this way.

I associate these folks like birds that had their wings clipped. Stuck to live in a cage but knowing that by staying inside you’ll get your needs appropriately met.

Yesterday, after chatting with a close coworker, I had a small anxiety attack. Her innocent conversation about my previous workplace took me back to a year ago when I desperately needed a change in my life.

Just thinking about returning, conjured up images in my head of someone running after me with a pair of scissors trying to clip MY wings. Forcing me back into the cage of claustrophobic routine.

Taking away this wonderful life of freedom which I now feel like a free bird with an open sky before me.

All I know is that a bad day on the road will always be better than a good day at the office. And for now, I just hope that we can be blessed to live with our wings spread wide open for as long as we can.

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