I’m bringing sexy back(packer) – Travel hair

To some degree, I think it’s going to be great to wear t-shirts and hiking shoes for days on end. I will enjoy not standing in my closet every morning thinking, “I have nothing to wear today.”  Of course, living out of a backpack will quickly take care of that! However, I anticipate there will be days when my inner girly-girl is going to wanna break free.  And who wants to look ‘bummy’ in fashionable cities such as Buenos Aires and Paris? (Not me!)

After taking a long hiatus from shopping, it’s been really fun buying some “must need” items for our trip. This post is geared to all the female travelers who are technically backpackers, but may not want to look like it on a daily basis. I’ve had 3 girlfriends ask me, “What are you going to do about your hair on your trip?” So here’s my answer!

Just like on Survivor, Harry and I are allowed one luxury item. I chose to bring a travel sized curling iron.  After lots of research online, I chose the X5 Superlite Ceramic Curling Iron.

I like that it folds in half and that it’s dual voltage so you don’t have to worry about starting small fires (I can attest this does happen!). From my first use, I agree with other reviewers that it seems like it doesn’t get super-hot and it does take a long time to curl hair. I also am worried about laying it down on a counter when hot since it doesn’t completely stay lifted.

One more negative – the carrying bag it comes with is not heat safe. At this price point, I think it should be. After getting used to it, I didn’t have any issues grasping my hair with the clamp.

So here are some before and after pictures. I think I was left with some pretty beach waves and some more body. It’s important to note, my hair was super clean and I didn’t use ANY product (as I probably won’t be carrying any in my backpack).

I think of all the options available, this travel sized curling iron was my best bet. It will help me to feel a little sexier for evening dinners or maybe wine tasting in the vineyards. I don’t anticipate getting beauty treatments on the road so maybe this will help extend my final cut and color right before I leave.

What beauty products are essential in your backpack? Are there any other long term travelers out there that want a lil’ more glam and a lot less grunge?

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