Exploring the Historical Sites of Jeddah and Its Surroundings on a Road Trip

Locals also refer to Jeddah as “Jeddah Ghair” because it is a spiritual gateway to Mecca. Spend a fascinating vacation in Jeddah by taking a stroll along the city’s coastal edges or dining on delectable dishes. Find out some of the best things to do in this Saudi Arabian city by reading on.

The best places to go in Jeddah are listed below.


It is a poor neighboring city of Jeddah that is home to architectural wonders. Al-Balad is a UNESCO heritage site. Al-Balad is a popular tourist destination in Jeddah and sees a lot of visitors every day.

The streets of the city are dominated by the shabby chic of old buildings. After the prayer hours, the city comes back to life because more tourists are there to shop and eat the local fare.

Gate of Mecca

Also known as Makkah Gate or Qur’an Gate, is also known as the Gate of Mecca. It is an archway and it’s the entrance to Mecca, where Muhammad was born. Furthermore, it denotes the boundary of the haram area of Mecca, which prohibits non-Muslims from entering.

There are three main components to the gateway, which is constructed as an arch over the road. Primarily, reinforced concrete was used in construction.

Floating Mosque

Al Rahma Mosque, also known as the Floating Mosque, is one of Jeddah’s best places to visit. The mosque is one of the most beautiful structures in architecture, drawing thousands of devotees from all over the world. Moreover, the mosque appears to be floating above the water because it is anchored below the surface on pillars.

The Floating Mosque is essentially a stopover on the way to Hajj. The 56 vibrant windows are carved with verses from the Quran in Arabic script, and the white marble and turquoise dome adds a soothing touch to the spiritual atmosphere. It perfectly combines Islamic culture and contemporary art which you can see when you rent a car in Jeddah.

The Mall of Arabia

The Mall of Arabia is one of the largest shopping malls in Saudi Arabia and is regarded as the most visited tourist attraction in Jeddah. Also, this mall is also known for its contemporary white interiors, quirky installations, and overall ambiance.

In addition to having hundreds of different stores to explore across its three floors, this mall also boasts. You can find anything and everything here. Moreover, the mall has a huge food court where you can savor international dishes.

Moon Valley

If you’re looking for exciting and adventurous places to visit in Jeddah, Moon Valley is a peaceful natural area where you can take pictures, hike, rock climb, and look for wildlife. Moon Valley, which is in Jabab al Jadid, is famous for its stunning natural rock formations and stunning landscapes.

The fact that these rocks are thought to be thousands of years old only enhances the valley’s marvel and beauty. At Moon Valley, you can camp and enjoy stargazing while listening to the sounds of nature and taking in the peaceful atmosphere.

Biet Nassif House Museum

The historic Nassif House was built in the late 1800s and is in the Old Town of Jeddah, Al Balad. Because it opens onto a square, the Nassif House is also known as “The House with the Tree.” Up until the 1920s, Jeddah was home to only one neem tree, which was once somewhat uncommon.

A Turkish architect is responsible for the Ottoman-style architecture of the museum. The Nassif House Museum has undergone numerous renovations, but its Ottoman architecture has not changed. Finally, the rectangular rooms and stairs to the south are accessible from the central hall of the museum.

Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum

One of the best attractions and museums in Jeddah is the Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum. Today, the city has a 2,000-year history, with numerous historic structures and sites. One of Jeddah’s historic landmarks, Abdul Raouf Kalil’s Museum preserves the city’s past.

This is the city’s oldest museum, which has been preserving the city’s rich heritage and culture for a very long time. Over the course of history, Jeddah has been home to numerous civilizations and customs. Moreover, you can find evidence of the past as well as the revolutions that were started by various rulers.

Palace Khuzam

Palace Khuzam is a structure that has had a significant impact on Saudi Arabia’s history—it is a marvel of history. The palace here was once the residence of King Abdul Aziz, the first Saudi Arabian monarch. Palace Khuzam, accessible when you rent a car in Jeddah, is unique in many ways, making it an interesting stop.

Also, Palace Khuzam was the first palace in the kingdom to be built with iron and cement. Regarding the palace’s collection, numerous Stone Age artifacts can be found. Therefore, Palace Khuzam is the ideal location for history buffs who are eager to discover Jeddah’s most famous landmarks.

King Fahd’s Garden

In the King Fahd’s Garden in Riyadh, the King Fahd Fountain can be found. The garden was designed to be a place of reflection, remembrance, and beauty. Furthermore, you will notice that there is a large roundabout in the middle of the lake with several bird cages.

Locals and tourists alike are invited to satisfy their thirst for knowledge at King Fahd’s Garden. Guests have the opportunity to witness the nighttime illumination of the fountain by laser beams that shine from water-spouting jets. Also, a large inscription conveys the message that life can only be achieved with Allah’s blessings.


Jeddah’s best attractions include the mosque, waterfront, and a few boutique cafes, making it a popular tourist destination. In terms of the attractions, visitors can experience a sense of liberation around traditional souks that are still preserving the heritage’s beauty.

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