eBags – Packing Cubes With Some Flavor-Flav

I purchased a set of eBag packing cubes today.  If you haven’t heard the word….they’re all the rage when it comes to RTW packing these days. The representative at eBags had recommended that I go with the medium size 3-pack, as they should be the perfect fit for our backpacks.

Now I know that using packing cubes is nothing new for us backpackers, but there is a lesson to be learned here. Originally, I was just going to buy them from Amazon. However, I went to the company’s website and found that this ridiculous pattern was on sale for $7.00 less than the solid standard colors.

Once I found the product I wanted, I started a live chat. I briefly explained our story, asked if there were any additional savings to be had, and Voilà! They gave me an additional 20% off my purchase.

I have found that almost EVERYTIME, I ask a representative for additional savings via live chat, something is taken off. It’s like there’s this underground world of hidden promotions that magically appear when you simply ask!

This folks, is budget savviness at it’s best! So opting for a less desirable pattern (so what if we have to look at Gummy Bears for the next two years?) and asking if they could take any additional off, I saved $11.00.

Did you hear about the time I got a ProFlowers live chat rep to send my mom a beautiful rose bouquet on Christmas Eve for only $7.50? (Yes true story. (•‿•) )

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