Closing chapter one. Ciao ciao, South America!

Tonight is our last night in South America. Where has the time gone? South America will always hold a special place in our hearts because it is here that we began our amazing journey.

Our time in South America was fairly easy. Staying in stable, highly touristic areas made everything possibly seem a little too “normal.” However, there are many aspects here that some consider charming, but drove us completely insane! For example, the non-stop noise, dogs barking day and night, the God awful construction, the laid-back attitudes, and at times, the highly ego-centric, snotty attitudes (Sorry Chile!), and of course the yerba mate.

But overall, we’ve been really happy. We felt at home in Buenos Aires, being blessed to stay there for so long we watched the seasons change from spring to summer. We were in awe of some of the most spectacular scenery in Patagonia. We enjoyed way too much wine in wine country. We fell a little deeper in love in romantic Valparaiso. We watched landscapes change dramatically while busing over 2,000 miles.

It’s been a good run here and I hate the thought that we are ending the first chapter. Everyone knows that while you can’t stop quickly turning the pages of a fantastic book, you must eventually reach the end. That thought is always lurking in the back of our minds. For now, we try to stay in the present.

The problem? We are getting very comfortable here. The language is no longer foreign. We’ve gotten so relaxed that we’ve stopped planning. We show up now at bus terminals without knowing when the next bus leaves. We wait until the last minute to know where we will lay our heads for the next night. We’ve began to trust that things will fall into place, because it always does.

So this is when we know it’s time for another change. When routine begins to set in and the feeling of adventure starts to fade. We’re ready for that magical feeling, when the airplane doors open and you step out to new surroundings. We’re about to turn the page to begin Chapter Two in the South Pacific.

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