Introducing BS TRAVEL TV

As we continue to make our way around the globe, we’ve found that we truly enjoy recording our journey through the art of travel cinematography. Not only is it a better way to share everyday life events, but videography allows us to make clips that will forever be documented. Our travel memories are beginning to get a little fuzzy. Producing short, daily vlogs help answer the question, “Where did all the time go?”

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Putting yourself out there on YouTube for the whole world to see, can be very intimidating at first. It’s not easy seeing yourself raw and uncut. But we are stepping out of our comfort zone to document it all. In the end, we decided it’s worth it to have all these moments captured. If you’d like to tag along, please put a bookmark here.

We rarely know where the day will take us.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing BS TRAVEL TV
  1. You discusting snob! I’ve been living in London for 10 years now and travelled the world and have seen places that you call dirty and wrong and Romania surely isn’t one!! You should get a super fast train in London and Paris, the so call modern cities, or the ones in your full of shit States and get a real taste of “lavender” sweat from people’s armpits!! You found a hair in a bed and all of the sudden the country ia wrong?
    I stayed in a well known 5* hotel not an airbnb flat like you stingy snob, in London and found a used tampon next to the night stand! I surely should have filmed it and put it online and blame the country for it being there in the first place!

    But how come I didn’t? Ohhh, I know!
    I don’t have such a low intelligence level like some who have nothing else to do but to insult a nation by making videos and expressing their unbelievable thoughts about an unbelievable something that happens in every corner of the world!!

  2. Dear budget savvy travelers,
    Your movie on Cluj Napoca Romania is an insult. Romania may not be the most luxurious nor the cleanest country you have visited but it is full of smart and warm people. Here children have smiles on their faces not guns in their hands, here we play in parks and not in front of the computer,here we cherish what the earth provides us and make use of its goods. It is a real deception to see that a bunch of people who pretend to be professionals hurry to make judgements based only on a few days trip.
    Thank you for visiting our country and we hope you never come back!
    Your sincerly,
    The world.

    1. Could you really be any more dramatic, “guns in their hands”, really? The only person passing judgement is you! Shame on you!! We have a right to say that a train smells. We have a right to say that a bed is dirty. We paid for services and were met by the lowest possible standard imaginable. Instead of trying to fix the problem(s) with your country you turn a blind eye and ignore them (like a huge fool). Instead of blaming your corrupt government that provides these horrible services, while driving around in Mercedes’ and Audi’s, you center your anger on two travel bloggers who are stating the obvious. That’s absolutely asinine. You need to get your priorities straight.

      You may not feel like you have the right to state your opinion in your country. But we do. If you don’t like it please do everyone a favor and kindly piss-off.

      And finally, you’re such a nincompoop that your whole, “Here children have smiles on their faces not guns in their hands, here we play in parks and not in front of the computer,here we cherish what the earth provides us and make use of its goods.”, is passing judgement on the USA’s culture. So you’re stating, don’t pass judgement but that’s exactly what YOU just did. Shame on you! Hypocrite.

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