A time for acknowledgements. Special thanks to…

As I write this, Harry and I are making our way to Lexington, Kentucky to take the rest of our furniture to my best friend’s house. The last few days have been moving days. With the help of my brother Luke, Harry and I have moved it all out of our condo.

Once these next two days are over, I know I will be breathing a sigh of great relief. For me, the “What are we going to do with our stuff?,” has really been one of the top challenges of our RTW trip. We question if keeping all this stuff was worth the hassle. However, I hope down the road, we find ourselves cozily drinking a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine in our cabin out west, grateful that we kept all these pieces of our cabin home dream that we conjured up since we were 18 years old.

Today, I want to publicly thank a few people that have gone above and beyond to make our dream a reality. Your generosity of opening your homes to our belongings has been a godsend. In person, we continue to say thank you, but those words never seem like they are enough to show our gratitude.

First, to my Aunt Andrea, best friends since birth, thank you so much for allowing us to move most of our furniture into your home. So much anxiety was taken away when you told me over the phone, “Don’t worry about what it is. Just bring it. We will find a place for it.” Being a woman with a soft heart, I knew when you suggested this, it wasn’t just words said in passing. You have always been there when I needed you. Your kind soul and generous heart makes you so easy to love. I will miss you greatly. Our goodbye will be the hardest.

Second, to my friend Erica. Thank you for taking all my speech therapy materials for the (slight) chance that I may return to my field. And not only for that, but for you and Jeff liking Harry and I for who we are. Over the years we have grown into our friendship and it just seems to work. We are truly ourselves around you both. We’ve had such great laughs in your home and in your backyard. I loved it when you recently told me that you read something that said, if you are friends with someone for 10 years, they will end up being your friend for life. I interpreted that as reassurance that no matter what the future may hold, we shall always remain lifelong friends.

Last, to my Aunt Sarah, who my grandpa knowingly called “his angel.” You truly are an angel. The day you asked me what I was worried about when came for a visit, without hesitation to took me down to your basement and showed me a dream come true…the most beautiful storage space a career breaker could ask for. You also allowed us to move our prized bedroom set into your home for safe keeping. At a time when you and Uncle Rich had more than enough to worry about on your own plate, you continued to open your home to others. You have done so much for our family. I am happy that these last few weeks we were able to spend a lot of time at your home. Thank you for showing such great support in our career break; asking questions, encouraging us, and telling us that we are doing the right thing. You always give, never asking anything in return. You two exemplify what it means to live life with strong Christian values.

When we look back on this nerve wrecking time, we will always be so thankful for what you each of you have done for us. And for your generosity, you will be rewarded with being some of the first people to see our smiling faces when we return back from our journey.

With love and the utmost gratitude,
Audrey & Harry

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