5 Reasons Why You’re Crazy to be Traveling Int’l Right Now

Unless you’re the elite, have access to private planes and runways, and know the “right” people then you’re crazy to be traveling internationally right now. With mandates changing every few days and countries closing borders, the current travel environment is completely unstable.

Kosovo Was Our Plan B

Our stomachs dropped, the wings of the butterflies flapped savagely—Kosovo, the country we just drove through, was joining in on the COVID madness.

We traveled through Kosovo in late July ’21 and received the news that strict COVID measures were being implemented in mid-August. For us, Kosovo was always a plan B, a place to escape to when all hell broke loose, somewhere to flee from tyrannical government mandates.

Just two weeks earlier (in July), Kosovo was one of the last remaining free countries in Europe. However, that all changed in August when the government decided to close nightclubs, followed by a restricted schedule for restaurants and cafe bars. Also, they mandated that no one could enter either a restaurant or hotel without a “vaccination” certificate or a negative PCR test.

“15 Days to Slow the Spread” has quickly escalated into forcing parents to “vaccinate” their children with an experimental “vaccine” for a virus that is not a threat to them, or they get abolished from society.

Like so many other countries, these “temporary” mandates have quickly escalated to the erosion of all free movement, bodily choice, and opinion. Today, individuals must be “vaccinated” to enter the country or to use public transportation. Also, everyone must wear a face mask whenever they are indoors. Finally, there is a curfew in effect from midnight to 5 a.m.

For us, Kosovo was always a plan B, a place to escape to when all hell broke loose, somewhere to flee from tyrannical government mandates.

General illness and colds are never going away, no matter how many magical booster shots are taken. All things considered, where does all of this absurdity go from here? Based on historical precedence, there’s only one feasible outcome—things will only get increasingly restrictive, demented, and sadistic until it reverses dramatically.

Cue Omicron.

It’s pretty easy nowadays to see who’s acting rationally and who’s acting like an extremist. The guy on the right must still watch CNN!

5 Reasons Why You’re Crazy to be Traveling Internationally Right Now

Right now, there are simply too many risks to contemplate traveling internationally. Especially, when considering the fact with every new day, countries around the world are erecting quarantine camps.

Naively, we never thought the world would come to this point. We put way too much faith in humanity and our fellow man.

As patriotic Americans, we naively assumed that most people wanted to live freely—however, surprisingly there is an unexpected percentage of people that prefer to be told what, when, and how to live their lives. This part of society is the reason that this COVID nonsense continues. Moreover, the elite thrives on this simple-minded group of people because they comply with their every order without question, like good little slaves.

With the constant propaganda spewing from the mainstream media, this COVID dystopian nightmare will not subside and only gain in intensity as long as 30 to 40 percent of the population comply. For that reason, the current situation makes international travel a risky undertaking.

Here are five reasons why you’re crazy to be traveling internationally right now.

1. Flight May Get Canceled

It may seem like no big deal to have a flight canceled. After all, you’ll probably be issued a refund. However, what if the trip was booked to celebrate a big event like a honeymoon, anniversary, or birthday? The end result could be devastating.

We were recently asked by a follower where they should go for their honeymoon next year. They were considering French Polynesia, Maldives, and Fiji as potential options.

We both looked at each other and wondered what people (“normies”) are thinking? It must be wonderful to live in that kind of bubble. Here’s our summarized response:

In regards to the Maldives, if either of you test positive during your stay, you’ll be required to quarantine away from your partner, for 14 days, at your own expense. God only knows how much that would cost…in one of the most expensive resort destinations in the world…possibly $1000+ per night. You also may have your departing flights canceled. As of now, Fiji’s not even open. For French Polynesia you need to be “vaccinated,” take a test before and four days after you get there. So by September ’22, you’ll probably need four boosters. We would seriously consider not planning anything until much closer to the date to see where the world is. You may be having a USA honeymoon as international travel seems to be only getting more challenging with every passing day.

Reality Shock

Unfortunately, in regards to COVID, it seems that many Americans have no regard for what’s going on around the world. They simply have no clue about the massive anti-lockdown protests, the forced “vaccinations,” crazy mandates, and quarantine camps. Mainly, because the mainstream media refuses to report on these important topics.

Like North Korea, there are now western countries where people are not allowed to leave their homes due to COVID.

Do COVID fanatics see how ridiculous the neverending propaganda is? After all, it’s all pretty much Hallmark Channel quality acting.

Flights Canceled

We’ve already seen thousands of flights canceled due to unconstitutional “vaccine” mandates in the US. What happens when a new variant arrives (such as Omicron) or pilots refuse to take an unending number of booster shots? Also, what if a new virus is released to the public because the first one didn’t get the desired results?

What if your international flight lines up with one of these events? Is it worth having your flight canceled when you could have just traveled somewhere domestically?

If anybody asks, we’re “vaccinated.” 😉

With how quickly the world has changed in less than two years. It’s easy to imagine that soon, even domestic travel may be limited for both the “vaccinated” and unvaccinated.

Travel is quickly becoming an activity that only the elite will be able to participate in. – The Budget Savvy Travelers

Finally, at this point, with the masks, “vaccine” passports, and nonsensical mandates, Europe doesn’t even feel European anymore. In fact, it’s more like some anti-utopia science fiction movie where police in futuristic outfits senselessly beat anyone who speaks up against the deep state.

2. Get Stuck in a Foreign Country

After the debacle in Afghanistan, it’s quite easy to see how a US citizen could be left stranded in a foreign country. And let’s face it, this President isn’t coming to rescue anyone unless their last name is Biden.

Around the world, countries are closing their borders to foreign travelers. What happens when the border closes with international travelers still stuck inside with no way to return home?

The odds of this happening may seem far-fetched right now. However, imagine six to nine months in the future. Also, consider how most international trips are booked about six months in advance.

Why We Quit Traveling Internationally

We quit traveling internationally because we were nervous about being forced to take the “vaccine.” Simply put, this was our motivation for returning to the US. We saw this scenario working out in one of two ways.

  1. Getting stuck in a foreign country that forces everyone, including tourists to receive the “vaccine.”
  2. Only being allowed back into the US if “vaccinated.”

For us, this was a no-brainer. There’s no way under any circumstances where the rollout of this “vaccine” makes any kind of sense. Finally, the risk of either one of these scenarios taking place seemed to increase dramatically over the last three months. Hence—we out!

3. Forced to Take One of the Many Jabs

As previously noted, one of our biggest fears was finding ourselves in a country and being forced to take a “vaccine(s)” to depart or reenter the US. While the idea of a foreign nation forcing a “vaccination” upon you may seem illegal, it can happen.

In fact, many countries are forcing “vaccination” onto their own citizens. These countries are defiling their own citizens. Do you really think that foreigners are exempt from crimes against humanity?

4. Your Name May Be Added to the “List”

CDC October 25 announcement.

In August, we heard statements by US government officials that the CDC would begin collecting contact information for international flights passengers in November.

This is the exact moment we knew our days of international travel were over. In short, airlines are now required to collect information for every passenger coming to the US for contact tracing purposes.

The last thing we wanted was to have our names added to some list. Not only would this impact us, but it would potentially affect any friends and family we interacted with since returning to the US.

Due to Omicron, and as of December 1, the CDC has already begun adding travelers to this list. Trust us, you don’t want your name to show up on Stalin’s list. With Covid camps no longer a conspiracy theory, do you really want to be a part of contact tracing?

Contract tracing paperwork we received on our flight back to the US. It could be filled out voluntarily prior to November 8, now it’s mandatory.

5. Subject to Contract Tracing

Don’t worry, the government insists that contract tracing is being done for our safety. In fact, there’s no conceivable way that the government would ever abuse the process. Especially, in order to send political opponents/dissidents to the quarantine camps (gulag). [Is that sarcasm I taste?]

We have been told that the goal of contract tracing is to keep us safe. In reality, the objective is most likely far more devious. After all, the American public has been lied to since day one.

Sorry. We’re not going to trust the science from Fauci, the man who tortures dogs for “science.”

For example, after nearly two years, the government still hasn’t stated where this virus came from. Nor, does there seem to be any intention of investigating. In fact, it seems that just about everything related to the effectiveness, ingredients, and side effects of the “vaccine” has been one big cover-up.

You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations. – Joe Biden

Things will only go back to normal after you take your 17th booster shot.

In conclusion, we’re hoping the whole “camp” phase passes quickly so that we can get back to traveling internationally. Until then, we’ll be touring the US in our getaway car.

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