Sh*t Has Officially Hit the Fan―We Bought a Getaway Car

With lockdowns rampaging Europe and other continents, impacting both the “vaccinated” and unvaccinated, we no longer feel safe traveling internationally. Just tonight, we watched Netherlands police shoot anti-lockdown protestors spilling blood all over the sidewalk.

In Austria, the tyrannical government is now making vaccination compulsory. Will the new “European Christmas” entail government SWAT teams breaking down hotel room doors and forcing experimental gene therapy treatment shots on those who haven’t received the correct number of boosters? It’s all in the name of public health, of course.

If you are held down and forcibly jabbed without consent, do you still get the little “I got vaccinated” sticker?

Experiencing Christmas in a European city can be truly a wonderful experience—or at least it used to be. In Gibraltar, the most “vaccinated” place on earth, Christmas has already been canceled for 2021. Talk about acting like a grinch.

Today, international travel requires taking multiple PCR tests, signing legal Attestation Forms, and/or being vaccinated. Digital “Vaccine” passports are becoming mandatory to enter indoor establishments around the globe. Additionally, governments have implemented contract tracing via Public Health Passenger Locator Forms.

The top section of the attestation form should send chills up your spine. Gotta laugh, “Thank you for helping us to protect your health,” as if any of this is about protecting the health of society. This was given to us to complete (voluntarily) on our flight from Warsaw to Chicago. From November 8 forward, this form will be mandatory and will be used for contact tracing (of a communicable disease) on all inbound flights into the US.

Travelers, like us, must take all these factors into consideration and ask themselves, “Is it even worth it?” At this time, there is very little incentive for us to travel internationally.

Our Getaway Car

If avoiding experimental gene therapy shots at all costs makes us criminals then we’re guilty as charged. In traditional Bonnie and Clyde fashion, we bought a getaway car. Although, it’s less like a 1929 Model A Ford and more like the Japanese version of Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds.

We selected a Honda Accord Coupe based on aerodynamics, reliability, and hidden features. For example, did you know it can speed down a narrow alleyway balanced on its two right wheels, but emerge on the two left wheels? Other nice features include titanium armor, missile outriggers, pop-out spiked tires, vanishing adaptive camouflage, wheel lasers, and amphibious capabilities.

All jokes aside, we haven’t owned a car since 2014 and weren’t planning on purchasing one. However, the global situation has forced us into the position of needing our own reliable transport. Now, more than ever, being nomadic and able to move freely is our number one priority.

If you see us driving down the road give us a honk.

This is going to be the ultimate road trip car—and the ride that’s going to take us to the states that are fighting for freedom.

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